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Job Problems

As soon as you pass out of college what leaves you sleep eluded is your career. Career is a pressing concern among the youth because today’s corporate world is uncompromising and earning breadwinning is becoming tougher with every passing day. Pounding the pavement for days is truly frustrating without any result that drains you out completely and robs you off your confidence.

The colleges where you pursue professional courses and that exhaust a lot of money off you promise to place you in high-brow companies but when it comes to live up to their promises, they show you the back sometimes thereby leaving you disillusioned and frustrated. This is the result of opening colleges in every alternate lane and students are falling prey to their vicious loop of fleecing. But then, the job market has been so narrowed down that there have been many instances of job cuts and scarcity of jobs even in market bigwigs which leaves the parents in cold sweat whether or not their children will get their due in the corporate hustle-bustle.

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