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Health Problems

In the golden old days when someone fell sick, the family would first consider reading the charts of the sick person for Health Problem Astrology. In today’s technologically advanced world people first rush to the nearest doctor for treatment. Of course there is a significant progress in the field of science and technology, but the power and accuracy of Pandith Sajeev Prasad cannot be ruled out. Here are some interesting facts about the human body and its relation to astrology. According to an Pandith Sajeev Prasad  in Indiranagar, the entire parts of the body of a Human being are made into a division of 12 parts.

Every part of the body is related to any one of the 12 zodiac signs. Therefore, every problem in any part of the body has a definite answer in the science of astrology. Consider the following as an illustration. The sign Pisces is associated with the parts of the body such as the lymphatic system and the feet. Capricorn is associated with the skeletal system and the knee joints. Virgo is associated with the digestive system. Leo is associated with the parts of the body like the chest and the heart. Gemini is concerned with the body parts like the respiratory system and the shoulders. Libra is related to the kidneys and the skin. Sagittarius is associated with the hips and the liver. The zodiac sign Cancer is related to the stomach and the breasts. Scorpio is related to the excretory system and the sex organs. Taurus is related to the neck and throat. Aquarius is concerned with the circulatory system and Aries is associated with the Brain and head.

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