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Black Magic Problems

Most of us have heard about this science, some of us have seen it happening in our family or in our relative’s family, all of us are afraid of it (Some are not). Since, in the very midst of our society. Name the country and you would find it over there and that too in the crudest form.So we Pandith Sajeev Prasad s/and society itself should be well prepared to counter it and for that the first step would be to make us aware of all the Astrological Yogas that give rise to Abhichara in native’s life.So let’s begin, open your birth charts to diagnose these Yogas and be ready for any remedy if needed.

Abhichara means black magic. This is something which is practiced in many ways in different parts of the world, invoking the negative energies. The basic motive for black magic is driving the enemy away from the locality, kill him or cause Lunacy. This can involve things such as giving him food (polluted)/burying material inside his house etc.Here we would need the concept of badhakesh and badhak sthan.
For all movable signs, the 11th house there from is the badhak sthan, for all fixed signs, the 9th there from are their badhak sthan and for all the dual signs, the 7th.

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