Pandith Sajeev Prasad deals with the positioning and the movements of various objects in the universe in order to relate to the divination of matters related to human beings and events. Almost all the cultures the world has ever known have given relative importance to events concerning astronomy. Some, like the Indians and Chinese further designed precise systems to predict events merely by observing the celestial events. Pandith Sajeev Prasad is a unique art to foretell the future and can be called a science used for the analysis of personalities and relationships. Indian astrology, especially Pandith Sajeev Prasad in Canada are considered credible and most authentic. In fact, Pandith Sajeev Prasad is popular the whole world over due to its basis on stars and its constellations.

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Health Problems

In the golden old days when someone fell sick, the family would first consider reading the charts of the sick person for Health Problem Astrology.

Childless Problems

Pandith Sajeev Prasad helps to read your horoscope. Horoscope is an important tool to find the good and bad effect of planetary conditions in life. 

Job Problems

As soon as you pass out of college what leaves you sleep eluded is your career. Career is a pressing concern among the youth because today’s…

Sexual Problems

With the help of the medical card, the location and trend of weakness in a body part is known even before the disease manifests as a serious disease.

Enemy Problem

People who have bad feelings like jealousy and anger of people, you can use black magic or other bad methods for back to you. 

Love Back Specialist

It also addresses many other problems as husband / wife in illicit relations, Son / daughter out of service, love is essential or is a part of life worldwide.

Property Problems

We earn money to live a better life and they invest that money in buying property and buying right property is a must. 

Relationship Problems

Any wife would love to lead a happy marital life with her husband. Unfortunately, we see many wives completely ignored by their husbands.

Handwriting Analysis

Though Handwriting reading cannot be used to predict the future of the native but it certainly throws a great deal of reflection on assessing the current mental

Black Magic

Most of us have heard about this science, some of us have seen it happening in our family or in our relative’s family, all of us are afraid of it 


Pandit Sanjeev Prasad can help you to predict your future with the help of the numerology service with which you can understand your future.

General Astrology

The basic motive for black magic is driving the enemy away from the locality, kill him or cause Lunacy. This can involve things such as giving…

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He is a very good Astrologer in Toronto. Few points I would like to mention about him here Perfect 👌 Predictions. All predictions come true. Proper Guidance about future.  Doable and very effective remedies for an individual with a scientific logic.

By Leena

Helped me alot

Thank you for your assistance with the detailed readings for both me and my hubby. Everything you have mentioned so far are extremely accurate regarding our career progress in recent month’s. This has helped make our job searches more effective…


Thank you Guruji

I am amazed how I have always received accurate and timely solutions based on their practical experience. The remedies have proven very helpful to me his advice on different spheres like education, professional life and other fields are very result oriented.

-John Michael

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